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Ardrossan Scout Group - Making a Difference
Scout Hut Refurbishment

HutGableEndFor decades ASG has played an important role in the growth and development of young people from in and around Ardrossan. Today, in an increasingly busy and complicated world, our Beaver, Cub and Scout sections are at work each week giving our young people opportunities through activity and adventure.

We are a grass roots, volunteer led, organisation. Our premises at Kilmeny Terrace in Ardrossan was opened in 1967. Since then it has given the scout association and other community groups a place to come together and pursue shared interests and endeavours. Years of continuous use have taken a toll on the building fabric and advances in standards and regulations have highlighted significant shortcomings with the current building; it is in need of urgent and extensive repair and upgrading to ensure it continues to be a place fit to serve it’s community.

The estimated cost of renovating the current building runs into six figures - a daunting prospect for a scout group to fund. Whilst we have some reserves from previous fund raising “ring fenced” for this prospect and we continue to pursue some funding from other bodies, we acknowledge there will be a significant funding gap to fill. We are hoping that a community driven crowdfunding campaign will be the cornerstone in realising our vision for the premises - to provide a sustainable and safe facility for our scout group and community.

We appreciate that there are many other worthy causes out there which require funding. That said, if you can take a couple of minutes to make a contribution (however small) you would be making a real difference to the lives of young people in and around Ardrossan and helping to provide a valuable facility for community use.

We believe this refurbishment is a huge opportunity to create a safe and sustainable space which can positively benefit our community and the opportunities of those within it.

One of the great benefits of a refurbishment project over a “new build” is that we will be able to “cut our cloth according to our means”. It’s not an “all or nothing” fundraising effort and every penny raised will go towards a repair or upgrade of some sort.

I hope you can help with our effort. 


Please visit our JustGiving Campaign Page @ https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/ardrossanscouthut


Thank You!

Alan Donaldson

Ardrosssan Scout Group Committee Chairperson

PS. If this message reaches 100,000 people and each donates £1 then that’s a huge total.

“Many a Mickle makes a Muckle”

Take part in our short survey. 

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Community Group? Local Resident? Interested Party?

Please help us learn how our premises can better support the community.