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NetZero2  "Net Zero" is the buzzword being talking about all over just now.  What does it mean? - Essentially, we reach net zero when the amount of carbon dioxide we add is no more than the amount taken away.

How can we, at Ardrossan Scout Group, move towards "Net Zero" from a premises with:

 Poor Insulation Inefficient Heating A Disintegrating Roof 
 HutCeilingInsulation ElecMeter  HutCollinsHallRoofHutRoofCloseUp





Read about our Net Zero Fund award in the A&S Herald Report 17 Feb 2024

Take a look at SPENERGYNETWORKS promotion of the project.

We have plans, and have made a start.


Phase 1 - The East wing of our premises.  By late spring 2024 we intend to have:

  • Replaced our aged corrugated asbestos roof with a single ply membrane system
  • Fully insulated our walls
  • Replaced old windows with new double glazed units
  • Replaced our old inefficient heating with an air source heat pump alongside heat recovery ventilation
  • Replaced old fluorescent light fittings with LED lighting

We are confident this will move us towards our target of becomming "Net Zero" energy users.

Our intention is to commence with a 2nd Phase of refurbishment once Phase 1 is completed.