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The Trustee Board is planning to refurbish the Scout Hut.  The Project Aim is to provide a safe, secure comfortable and functional building.

WestSideView.jpg  FrontPathView.jpg  SouthView.jpg 

The existing building is over 50 years old and it would be a benefit to all users if it can be upgraded to current standards. 

The Trustees have opted for a Phased approach to the refurbishment.  This allows us to move ahead "step by step", proceeding only when sufficient funds have been made available.

Phase 1 of the project will refurbish the entire East Wing of the building.  This will include re-roofing, insulating, installation of new heating, lighting and glazing.

We've made a start.

  • Mar 2022.  Planning Application Approved
  • Jul 2023.  Phase 1 (East Wing, Kitchen and Main Store).  Internal ceiling panels stripped out.
  • Sep 2023.  Structural Engineer report received
  • Oct 2023.  Temporary structural support timbers and scaffold acquired